Every morning,

as I jump out of bed, all I want to do is lie down. Not on my bed. On the floor.

Every morning,

I set two alarms, the first one is a gentle nudge telling me to turn the heater on for half an hour.

The second, is your average “get out of bed now or you will ruin everything for everyone” screech. This, is when I want to collapse on the floor.

The reason for this madness has nothing to do with my distaste for sunrises or love of uncomfortable snooze-button sleep. The reason, is that I have floor heating. Heated floors…

My floors are heated!!!!

Pipes… running underneath the floor.

It’s marvelous.

I also have a rug. It’s all piley and shaggy.  It warms with the floor.

Prostrating myself on the floor in the mornings is like floating face down in a carpet spa.

The wallpaper is kitsch. I’ve embraced it. The floor is warm. I’ve embraced it. The hot water is the cold water. I’ve gotten used to it.

My apartment is probably better than yours.

I thought you might like to know all of that.

warm ruggy goodness
warm ruggy goodness

3 thoughts on “Pipes.

    1. Hahaha now I feel guilty. It’s snowed three times now! I can’t describe how happy it has made me each time 😀 I love the cold so much. 40 degree days… THAT is something I don’t miss – Good luck!!!

  1. What an incredible, his apartment seems to be very nice and cozy. I like your blog, I will return more often and read your other posts, my goal is to one day live in Korea so I will need several good tips. Even more!

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